Dolly Simons

In a different age, Dolly Simons might have been a great painter. Today she is a great colorist. Instead of bringing life to a canvas, she transforms lifeless, damaged hair into a beautiful, healthy hairstyle. Dolly does this by using Layered Color®, a technique that she created to make hair healthier while adding depth, tone, texture and luster. She applies varying shades and hues of color, replicating the look of a child's natural hair. 
As a result of her success, Dolly has been featured in top style magazines such as Modern Salon She has spent a large part of her career perfecting the hair style and color of top runway models around the world. Her peers know her as the master of hair color.
Dolly is frank, forthright and she knows what she's talking about. So it was only natural to ask her the secret of great hair coloring.

First, why did you feel the need to create Layered Color®?

Sheer desperation! I wanted to find a way to make hair healthier with more texture. And I wanted to extend the life and color so they would last much longer. Above all, I wanted to create color that looked real, natural and vibrant. I was the first hairdresser to start layering color on my clients.

What's the biggest concern new clients have about using Layered Color®?

They think that color and peroxide will damage their hair. But that's not true. If the color's used correctly, it can actually make hair look and feel thicker and shinier.
Color is the most misunderstood aspect of this business. People think it is so difficult yet they don’t realize how easy it is. I don’t have one client that has damaged hair. They all have beautiful, healthy, shiny hair that is up to date and fabulous!

When new clients come in, what's the first thing you do?

Many of my new clients say they've been told they have bad hair when they really don't. I just need to look at a client's hair and I know exactly what it needs to look and feel it's best.
So, the first thing is to assess the color of their skin, and their eyes. This tells me what color I should use on them. The correct color should always balance out the tones of your skin and the color of your eyes.

Can you give us a specific example?

Well, if someone came into me with a lot of orange and yellow in their skin and they wanted to be a copper red, I wouldn’t do it because their hair would match their skin. I would do a blue/violet/red as the base color, and I would layer in the copper and ambers. Your highlights should always reflect the tones in your skin and the flecks of color in your eyes.

What other problems do new clients often have?

Use of only one color. If someone comes to me who has had their hair colored from the scalp to the end of the hair with one color over and over again, their hair looks one dimensional. I touch up the root line and layer and lift out different tones throughout the hair. I never cover an entire head with one color! That's where Layered Color* comes in.

So, in the end, what's the secret of great hair coloring?

Everyone’s hair tells a different story to me. I look at all of the nuances of a person, not just their skin tone and color of their eyes, but their personality. The whole nine yards. Then by using Layered Color®, I create a style and color palate to make the look its absolute best. And I use this method for all touch-ups and future coloring. Layered Color® means keeping your hair healthy and always looking its best.

How do new clients find you?

If someone's looking for a new hair color or style, they should call me for a free consultation or they can visit my website at There they can see photos showing my Layered Color® technique.

Any last words of advice about hair?

People will spend thousands of dollars on shoes but they don't want to spend money on their hairstyle. But they wear their hair every day. And nobody looks at your shoes first! People need to be aware of that.